Meat Bag Gizzard

$449.00 USD

The Figurehead’s vinyl cauldron summons back.. The toxic mutant chicken monster, GIZZARD! Made of soft vinyl standing at 10.5” tall. Painted in “Meat Bag” colors by Miscreation.

A transport vehicle carrying an unknown hazardous chemical collided with a factory chicken transport truck on a highway overpass. While thousands of chickens burned alive, the figure of a charred bird emerged from the toxic flames, changing form, mutating into a giant creature. The monster leapt off the overpass and started moving towards the city in the distance.

Gizzard includes removable bulging eyes I that can be placed in eye sockets and a baby mutant bird omake. Header card art by WorthyEnemies.

Limited release,
Each includes Sick Fledgling Omake, and two removable eye pieces.